The Story so Far

In 1994, a two piano revue called `A Handful of Keys' opened in a 160 seat theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa. It had an advance booking of 94 seats and was due to play a 5 week season. "After all, how much can two men do with two pianos?"

The first season sold out within 10 days and 3 years later, it closed to full houses, in a 1000 seat theatre, having played to more than 120,000 people in over 350 performances. It had won 9 theatre awards nationally, and attracted the kind of reaction, both critically and publicly, that producers dream of.

In 2001, it was revived for a short season of benefit concerts and attracted the identical response. Raves from the critics, standing ovations, and soaring box office.

No one can define why a show has box-office magic, but everyone knows it when they see it. Deceptively simple, this show cannot be called a revue, a concert, a cabaret, a tribute, or a send-up because it is all of those things. It is a unique show. One the of the first critiques received for the show carried this prediction - and it came true.

"Six weeks into the new South Africa, a show opened that deserves to become a legend in local theatre history. It deserves to be exported : quite simply it is world class. 'A Handful of Keys' is one of the most exciting and satisfying entertainments I have ever experienced. It ranges from dazzlingly inventive to outrageously funny to exquisitely beautiful. And somehow it keeps on building - Act II is spent hovering on the edge of a standing ovation, which is only held back for fear of breaking the spell."

In March 2002, A Handful of Keys played to sell-out audiences in Australia, en route to London's West End and the famous Mayfair Theatre.


Overture - Ragtime * Classical Variations on 'Yesterday' * The Ladies (Nina Simone, Blossom Dearie, Vonda Shepherd, Norah Jones, Vanessa Carlton, Alicia Keyes) * The Prince (Richard Clayderman) * The Kings (Fats Dominio, Fats Waller, Richard Marx, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles Billy Joel) * The Entertainers (Barry Manilow, Peter Allen, Elton John, Liberace) * Funeral for a Friend * The South African Suite (Nquotuotwane, Pata Pata, Mama Tembu) * A Handful of Keys



Rhapsody in Blue * Nothing Without You * The Accompanists * On My Own * The Bare Necessities * Winter Games * History of the Musicals: 90 years in 11 minutes * Baby Grand * Rock 'n Roll * Finale