Comedy for a cause!

Teams of the wittiest actors corporate Australia can muster create comedy from chaos… for a cause!
Theatresports Logo   Once your company registers as a participant, our team of actors and coaches will help seek out your best performers to represent you.

They’ll be schooled in the ways of improvised theatre games and, in the lead up to the show, will attend workshops with pro actors from Sydney’s Belvoir Street Theatre.

Then, primed to their wittiest, most theatrical form, each team will perform in heats – including a sudden-death repercharge round – with the best going through to the final!

Blocks of seating will be reserved for staff from your company to come and ‘root’ for their team.


Why you shouldn’t miss it…

As in 2000 and 2001, participating companies will enjoy high profile media coverage, including all the goodwill associated with supporting a popular Australian arts institution.

The involvement of high profile celebrities adds status and stature to the event.

Team-building value is exceptional. In-house corporate communications – prepared for your company by our own creative team – will keep all your staff involved with all the excitement and rivalry of the approaching event.

Pit your company – good-humouredly – against other corporate high-flyers, safe in the knowledge that any blood shed will be metaphorical, possibly metaphysical and certainly philanthropic!

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